Feature Release
Incident Report for iono.fm
We've release updated reports today that contains two often requested features for our live-streaming and podcast publishers:

- Web users: while we still cannot provide a unique listener count over all our podcast and stream accesses we have integrated Google Analytics
tracking to our embedded player and on our website. This allows us to show a number of unique listeners with a graph of daily activity on our reports. This only includes plays from our modern players on modern web browsers, and excludes any listens from fallback players or access via RSS feeds using iTunes or other applications. This figure does not represent a 100% accurate amount and will always be lower than the actual, as various factors can cause listens even on modern browsers not to be tracked correctly - due to for example ad blockers, anonymizers, firewalls or congested mobile networks. We started tracking this data from 1 September 2016, and reports on periods previous to this will not reflect any data for these fields. This feature is available on both our podcast and live-streaming reports.

- Stream uptime: stream reports now include the uptime information for a stream over the period of the report. No connection is perfect and this allows providers to see how well they're doing.
Posted over 2 years ago. Dec 07, 2016 - 16:29 SAST